About Us

LittleAnts Studio is led by two young Malaysian who are in their 30s. They were both formerly working for main contractors who build mid to high-end project. Throughout the years, they have dealt with plenty of renown clients in Malaysia namely, MahSing, OSK Properties, Huayang, Ikano and so on.

The idea to start LittleAnts Studio is due to frustration encountered by one of the founders when he was looking for renovation contractor to renovate his just-bought sub-sale house.

Being a manager in the construction industry, he had an extremely busy schedule and work commitment. Thus, he had no choice but to engage a one-stop solution renovation contractor to handle the renovation work.

After meeting up with plenty of renovation contractors and review dozens of overpriced quotation. Finally, he selected one which he thought is the best fit to carry out the renovation works.

However, things do not always turn out to be smooth. The renovation process was full of hiccup and needed constant monitoring which defeated its original purpose. 

After the bad renovation experience, he found that Malaysia renovation contractors have a bad reputation for common problems as below.

  1. Overpriced yet deliver mediocre works
  2. Surprise charges and hidden cost
  3. Abandonment of project
  4. Inferior work quality
  5. Substandard material being used
  6. Improper working method
  7. Poor communication with the client
  8. Irresponsible

This incident leads to the idea to start their own interior design and renovation company to tackle these issues in the current market.

The 4 Promises and Guarantees

Although LittleAnts studio is a small company and in its infancy, we strive to be the new breed in interior design and renovation industry that deliver a better renovation experience.

We are agile, responsive, and flexible and most importantly we are friendly.

We can take on any kinds of projects and also work with all range of clients, contact us if:

  • You’re a new property owner who is looking for interior design fit-out
  • You’re a sub-sale property owner who is looking for a reliable contractor to renovate your house
  • You’re interior design studio who seeks a reliable long term partner to build and deliver your design
  • You’re a business owner who looking to get your new retail outlet renovated