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bathroom renovation and remodelling kl selangor

Bathroom renovation

A bathroom renovation is a simple upgrade for your bathroom. Things like installing new showers, water closet, sanitary fittings, new vanity, repaint ceiling, and changing new floor tiles.

Bathroom renovation is recommended for older condominium, apartment unit. Because it doesn’t involve relocation of sanitary piping and plumbing which are difficult to be done for condominiums and apartments.

A simple bathroom renovation is good for updating the bathroom style and making it to suit your current needs.

Bathroom remodelling

A bathroom remodelling is a total makeover of your existing bathroom layout. It is more than replacing a new fixture or finishes. It usually involves replanning of the bathroom layout. Major changes including shifting water closet location, removal of long bath( bathtub), adding a proper shower area with shower screen, changing of water basin location and so on.

Bathroom remodelling is recommended for older landed properties like terrace houses and bungalow. For example, there are old bathroom layouts which put the shower area in between the basin and water closet. This is one of many bad bathroom layouts which are common in Malaysia.

If you think your bathroom needs a makeover, wanted to get rid of the rotted door leaf, moldy tile grout lines. Engaging a reliable and trustworthy renovation contractor to help you plan a functional and beautiful bathroom.

Littleants studio team will:

consult and guide homeowners of suitable types of bathroom renovation works to be carried out

help design the layout, down to the tiniest details like the height of the shower, sink position, tiles texture and colour matching.

always negotiate the best deals from our suppliers to give you the best quality for your budget

project managing the renovation to ensure everything runs to your agreed schedule and keep owners updated

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