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A great kitchen is the heart of the home. Kitchens are now no longer just for the preparation of food. Gone are the days where the kitchen is a separated mother’s works space.

In a modern open layout floor plan, a kitchen has become part of the living and dining area. It is now a multi-functional space where you cook, dine, entertain guest and more.

Kitchen area should be kept simple yet highly functional and comfortable.

Kitchen Renovation

A basic kitchen renovation work usually consists of installing kitchen cabinet and replacing new tiles.

We recommend installing or replacing your kitchen cabinet as the first thing you should consider if you plan to renovate your kitchen. Because these changes will be noticeable and can be carried out quickly.

If you wish to save cost, simply replacing the cabinet door with modern finishing would immediately freshen up your kitchen space too.

Owners also can explore to repaint the kitchen wall colour or changing a new kitchen countertop backsplash which is cheaper than having a whole set of new kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Extension

For terraces houses and bungalow, homeowners can choose to extend their kitchen area. Especially for those terrace houses with small and narrow kitchen.

kitchen renovation and extension

In addition to a kitchen extension, owners can choose to remove the partition wall between dining area and kitchen to create an open layout which makes the whole space wider and more welcoming.

Kitchen extension works involve time, money and disturbance if you’re living in the house. So, it is always safer to appoint a reliable renovation contractor to construct the kitchen extension for you.

Littleants studio team will:

consult and guide homeowners of suitable types of kitchen renovation works to be carried out

help design the kitchen layout, down to the tiniest details like the height of the cabinet, basin position, stove position, fridge position, colour of cabinets.

always negotiate the best deals from our suppliers to give you the best quality for your budget

project managing the renovation to ensure everything runs to your agreed schedule and keep owners updated

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