8 Cozy Bedroom Renovation Ideas in Malaysia

The bedroom is the least complicated room to be renovated in a house. Unlike the kitchen or bathroom, bedroom renovation usually does not involve any hacking, demolition, plumbing works. It is more on decoration than renovation.

However, a comfortable bedroom is important because the bedroom is where you rest and recharge. We always recommend keeping bedroom design simple and comfortable.

A good bedroom renovation should start with proper planning and design direction.

No idea on where to start? Worry not! Check out our bedroom renovation ideas below.

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We have rounded up some of the best bedroom styles to inspire your own bedroom renovation project.

Check out the 7 cozy bedroom design style as below:

  1. Minimalist bedroom design
  2. Contemporary bedroom design
  3. Modern bedroom design
  4. Industrial bedroom design
  5. Scandinavian bedroom design
  6. Muji-style bedroom design
  7. Luxury bedroom design
  8. Eclectic bedroom design

1. Minimalist bedroom design idea

Minimalist bedroom renovation idea Malaysia, KL, Selangor
Photo by elledecor.com

A modern minimalist bedroom. Everything is decorated in white.

Wall and ceiling are both painted in white. White flat front wardrobe, white upholstery makes the bedroom looks clean and and cozy. A simple piece of black-and-white art above the beds to add contrast.

The bedroom is as simple as it seems with a subtle modern treatment. Notice that there is no downlight in the middle of the ceiling and it uses perimeter lighting around the edge of the ceiling.

2. Contemporary bedroom design idea

A contemporary bedroom that speaks tranquillity and serenity

The use of green walls with green-grey bed linen set the soothing tone of the room. On top of that, the whole floor is fully covered with grey carpet that soften the whole atmosphere of the room.

There’s little clutter an furniture. Only a functional bedside table and make up/working table. Simple and cozy.

3. Modern bedroom design idea

Modern bedroom renovation idea Malaysia, KL, Selangor
Photo by elledecor.com

The above shows a modern minimalist bedroom. The bedroom has an undisrupted view towards the surrounding with full height windows. It brings in plenty of natural sunlight that makes the room warm and cheerful.

The designer uses an all white bed linen to achieve the minimalist look. Blue-ish grey accent wall. And the key piece of the room, the obvious big red piece of artwork brings contrast to the cool-toned space.

4. Industrial bedroom design idea

If you’re a fan of industrial design and wish to have a bedroom with industry element. This bedroom is a good example because it does not overdo the industrial element.

White exposed brick wall adds texture and warmth to the bedroom. There’s no need much wall decor and a piece of monochromatic art piece will make the room stands out.

Metal bed frame that further enhance the industrial looks. And don’t miss out the clever use of a rattan storage chest that double as a bedside table and storage area. Talk about neat tricks!

5. Scandinavian kitchen design idea

Scandinavian bedroom renovation idea Malaysia, KL, Selangor
Photo by onekindesign.com

The Scandinavian decoration combines the use of white, grey and natural wood finish.

Owners can easily replicate the bedroom design shown in the photo above with some IKEA furniture and IKEA art piece. The high pile rug in front of the bed makes the room feel cosier.

6. Muji-style bedroom design idea

Muji bedroom renovation idea Malaysia, KL, Selangor
Photo by rethinktokyo.com. Muji Hotel Ginza

The photos above shows a hotel room in Muji Hoten Ginza. And there are lots of smart design element we can learn from here.

The bedrooms are bathed in soft glowing light and finished with natural hardword floors.

Linen, sofa and bean bags are all in neutral that harmonize with the natural wood finish in the room.

Instead of using a bed frame, this room uses a raised bed platform. Furthermore, there is plenty of smart storage solution incorporated in the bedroom.

7. Luxury bedroom design idea

Luxury bedroom renovation idea Malaysia, KL, Selangor
Photo by renoguide

Gold accent makes the bedroom look luxurious. The room is in a good balance of white, grey and tasteful use of gold colour.

Gold colour can be found on the pillowcases, gold inserts in the wall and ceilings, gold trim on the furniture and the stunning gold chandelier.

The full height floor to ceiling, double layer curtain is one of the important element of the room. The grey colour bedroom bench with gold colour support is another nice touch to the room.

8. Eclectic bedroom design

Eclectic bedroom renovation idea Malaysia, KL, Selangor

An eclectic bedroom is a blend of styles. It is suitable for fun and adventurous homeowners. It usually mix-and-match different furniture style or colour to create an eclectic style

First thing you can see in this bedroom is the use of different colour. The walls are all-white but the sharp colour is used on the bed linen, carpet and art piece.

Then, there is also mixed patterns here. The carpet is in geometric patterns while the bed duvet is a sharped red colour floral patterns.

This design may not suit everyone but those who love it will definitely appreciate the aesthetic.

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