7 Unique Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Malaysians

The bathroom is a small room but it is one of the most important areas in a renovation job. Because we may not always cook in the kitchen but we certainly have to and must use the bathroom (toilet) daily.

A good bathroom design should be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and comfortable. Common issues in the bathroom include high humidity, bad air circulation, insufficient storage area and lack of natural lights.

We have sum up 7 major bathroom design style as below:

  1. Minimalist bathroom
  2. Contemporary bathroom
  3. Modern bathroom
  4. Industrial bathroom
  5. Scandinavian bathroom
  6. Rustic bathroom
  7. Luxury bathroom

Let’s check out the bathroom renovation style and ideas which we think are best suit for Malaysians.

1. Minimalist bathroom renovation

A minimalist bathroom design features only the essential element and not the clutters. The colour used is almost monochromatic with only black and white colour, and a touch of wood accent.

It has minimal yet sufficient storage area. Each zone is separated clearly for its purpose:a basin , water closet, and shower area with shower screen.

2. Contemporary bathroom renovation

Contemporary bathroom renovation style Malaysia

Contemporary bathroom design is sleek, simple with clean lines, geometric patterns and hard angles. It also uses a combination of old and new materials.

This bathroom uses water close with concealed cistern which is modern. And it has ample storage space which for storage of bathroom toiletries and towels.

3. Modern bathroom renovation

Modern bathroom renovation style Malaysia

Elements of a modern bathroom design include basic colours, little decoratives, natural material, geometrical shape and often with pmodern sanitary wares and fittings.

Above is a modern bathroom is a little industrial element. It uses matt black fittings, grey colour accent, no decoratives and modern sanitary wares.

4. Industrial bathroom renovation

Industrial style bathroom design emphasizes the use raw material, high ceiling, dark colour and metal elements.

This bathroom features cement finishes surface for its wall, floor and vanity tip. Black plumbing, black metal grilles is used. The exposed bricks as vanity backsplash enhanced the overall industrial style.

5. Scandinavian bathroom renovation

Scandinavian bathroom renovation style malaysia

Scandinavian bathroom design features simplicity, utility and beauty. It is often complimented by natural materials, neutral colours and personal accents.

This bathroom uses timber vanity top, white wall tiles, double basin with a wide mirror. The clever use of monochromatic mosaic pattern tiles makes the bathroom stand out.

It has abundance of artificial light and natural light (from ceiling opening).

6. Rustic bathroom renovation

Rustic Bathroom Renovation style malaysia

Rustic bathroom design features rough surfaces and natural material that invoke a welcoming feeling.

This bathroom is a mix of modern and rustic design style. A big portion of the area actually uses modern element. The centrepiece of this bathroom is the timber vanity top and concrete finish basin.

7. Luxury bathroom renovation

As the name luxury suggests, luxury bathroom design consists spacious area, luxury material choice and elegant style.

This bathroom uses a big glass wall to connect outdoor and indoor spaces, creating a natural flow. The two plant stands frame and freestanding bathtub makes the bathroom screams luxury.

If you notice, the vanity top is end to end and mirror is oversized up to the ceiling which elevates the atmosphere of the space.

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