7 Best Living Room Renovation Ideas for Malaysians

Living rooms are the centrepiece of a house. It is the place where we spend most of our time actively, watching TV, chit-chatting, playing and so one.

Living rooms are used to be tight and compact. Modern designs usually adopt open floor plan design that connects the dining area and kitchen. The living space becomes wider and more vibrant.

For every renovation including the living room, we want the place to look great, functional, and comfortable. Living room renovation in Malaysia usually revolves around a few important items, such as TV consoles, feature wall, cosy lightings, and a matching sofa.

We have rounded up some of the best living rooms styles to inspire your own renovation project.

Check out the 7 major living room design style as below:

  1. Minimalist living room design
  2. Contemporary living room design
  3. Modern living room design
  4. Industrial living room design
  5. Scandinavian living room design
  6. Muji-style living room design
  7. Luxury living room design

1. Minimalist living room design

minimalist living room renovation idea malaysia
Photo source: elledecor.com

A super minimalist living room where there’s no TV but with plenty of sofa for family and guests. A clean white wall and white ceiling are actually good for maintenance. Easy to clean and repair.

The space is modern and minimal. But it is filled with light, energy and warmth.

2. Contemporary living room design

A contemporary living room with beige coloured flooring and big marble feature wall. There’s a floating TV console for minimal storage needs.

A large & comfy sofa, an oversized grey rugs, and unique lighting piece at the centre of living rooms are key elements to this elegant and comfortable living room.

3. Modern living room design

modern living room renovation idea malaysia
Photo by Lindye Galloway Interiors

A large modern living room with open floor plan concept. Plenty of open wall shelves for displaying and generous cabinet for storage.

The exposed timber beam at the ceiling is one of the modern design element in this living. Instead of covering those timber beams with plaster ceiling, staining the timber beam with brown hue makes it stand out and match with the floor.

There is also a large glass sliding door that combining the outdoors and indoors area. It brings in an abundance of fresh air and natural lighting.

4. Industrial living room design

industrial living room renovation idea malaysia
Photos by Form 8 Studio

Industrial style living room usually features exposed brick walls, or concrete walls, iron piping, exposed pipe routing,

Above photo shows a very neat industrial style living room. As you can see, the walls are left bare and interfacing with timber and slate.

The whole living room is simple with three main colour scheme: grey, black and timber brown. The green sofa and green plants give life to this space and make it warm.

5. Scandinavian living room design

Scandinavian living room design is sleek and modern but at the same time warm and inviting. It highly focuses on textures, natural light, simplicity and a little wood finishes.

This living room uses a crips white colour scheme. The living room is simple and very comfortable, thanks to the texture in the room. The sofa, pillows, bench with natural wooden legs, curtains, and timber flooring add a bit of warmth to the living room.

Placing a few green plants make the space even more lively.

6. Muji-style living room design

muji style living room renovation idea malaysia
Photos by minimalist.sg

Muji is a well-known Japanese retail brand. Muji’s distinctive style is no-frills, minimalist and functional. When we incorporate it into interior design, it basically is minimalism design with a touch of Japanese element.

Muji-style usually features the use of white and grey colour as well as timber. In this living room, wall and ceiling are both painted in white. No plaster ceiling, track light with exposed wiring routing are presented here.

Everything is kept to minimal with Muji bean bags as seating, a TV and a simple TV console. Nothing extravagant.

7. Luxury living room design

luxury living room renovation idea malaysia
Photo by Polyviz

The key elements of a luxury living room design are eye-catching furniture pieces, sculpture, feature walls, unique lighting fixtures, and metallic texture.

The living room shown above is luxury but not flamboyant. The luxury style is more subtle where the use of metallic gold colour is on the art piece as well as the gold-coloured feature wall.

The sumptuos sofa and the chairs set a luxury tone for the living rooms.

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